Go to Formal event with Loose bun hairstyles

Loose bun hairstyles can be your choice to come to a formal event weddings and red carpet relatives. In making loose bun hairstyle is simply not bother. Follow these steps:
As a first step, cleaning the hair after shampooing with a towel. After a bit dry, apply a little hair gel from top to tip of the hair evenly with circular movements.

Then, you can use a blow dryer to dry the hair as a whole. Try to set a medium heat so as not to damage the hair due to the direct heat of the blow dryer. In addition to quickly intervening cleaning, dry your hair using a comb with rare teeth also helps the hair to dry naturally.

Then, ponytail hair into ponytail but do pigtail too tight to make it look more natural. Use headbands made ​​of elastic to wrap ponytail hair that had formed Earlier. If your hair is thin and smooth manifolds, spray hair spray for the last time. to the results you can see the example image below Loose bun hairstyles

30 Photos of the Go to Formal event with Loose bun hairstyles

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