How to orchid bun hairstyles?

You may be unfamiliar with the term orchid bun. The bun that resemble orchids, starting as a popular hairstyle choice to attend special events. The shape of the model’s hair, bun orchid arguably unique and varied flexibly to various models. Simply by pinning hair accessories bun creations and this was already looked different. To make orchid bun is not hard, dear. It’s how.

After shampooing, apply mousse to the hair, and then comb it evenly. Tie hair into a ponytail using an elastic rubber, after the hair comb hair back and rotate clockwise. Wrap the hair that has been played before with forms such as orchid bun shape. This model requires four to five stages of winding the hair to give it volume.

Give the boundaries of each coil in a bun with a slip clamp on each end of the coil. If you feel less confident with a small pinch, you could also really use a special stick hair or hair fork buffer to hold to keep hair neat and not fall. To get a perfect result, should you have hair that is long enough to make it easy for forming yes, dear?

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