Emo Hairstyles and History

Emo Hairstyles and History – EMO is a term one part of the type of POP music, punk , and hardcore music genres air , stems from us precisely in the area of Washington DC , and then spread rapidly throughout the United States until the state extends to the whole world. Emo develop into the type or dominant music and fashion embraced by teens and all in black .

Emo” is a derivative of the word “emocor” which refers to a type of hardcore punk music, appeared in the summer of 1985. This term is a variation of the word ” emotive hardcore “. Which have evolved punk -rock style of music is unique and is softer than the type of punk music.

It turns out that not only the emo character of this type of music, but has led to a part of fashion, from hair styles to how to dress emo and style is all black. However, many people now who are familiar with the word emo hairstyle teen.

Once you know the history of emo hair that did not come from the world of fashion instead of music, here are some pictures of emo hair styles which we have quoted from various image gallery various websites.

30 Photos of the Emo Hairstyles and History

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