Braided Hairstyles Ideas for Women

Loose cloth, African, cob, unstructured or tight braid will be divided according to your wishes. Here braids to achieve trends to beautify your summer hairstyles.

1. The basic braid
Timeless and easy to perform, the basic braid door at the bottom of the neck which will give a “false square” loose effect. You can also wear it in a bun or high result for a glamorous way Lara Croft.

2. Braid ears
Braid ear of corn or Egyptian braid is THE queen parades Fashion Week. Wide or tight, it simply sublimate your long hair this season. It is not difficult to do once the technique disclosed. For a guaranteed spike effect, simply crumple the braid over its entire length.

3. Braid side
Hair attached or released, it is easy to enhance your hair look with one or more braids on the side, more or less voluminous, along your hair according to the desired effect.

4. African braid
The basic or inverted African braid, is a safe bet to enhance your hair for all occasions. More or less thick, despite popular belief, it is not so difficult to achieve. African braid starts close to the scalp and follows the shape of the skull. You can make a single braid at the center of the head or several smaller braids. You can also stop the braid to the desired location on the skull.

5. Braided headband
Needless to seek fashionable hair accessory to enhance your hairstyle, just braid your own hair for a final effect headband. Braid headband can be positioned on the front of the head or crown so be positioned on the forehead headband for a natural effect.

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