Bohemian Hair Style

Bohemian hair style – hair style is that it is still very trendy among young people and the musicians. Do you know the origin of bohemian style? The following is a brief history of the bohemian.

Bohemian was originally a term for people who came from Bohemia, a region in the Central European region and now the region include the Czech Republic and surrounding areas. Then, in the 19th-century French people use the term to refer to the travelers Bohemian Gypsies from Romania area because they thought they were from Bohemia. Usually bohemian style or fashion looks strange and different from the fashion in general, from clothes to their hair.

Bohemian hairstyle that is unique, and very easy to imitate. Because the famous bohemian style with tousled style, but it looks beautiful and charming. So now a lot of women who use this bohemian hairstyle when her wedding day. Additionally bohemian hairstyle is still often used by musicians. Because this style is born of those who work as artists, ranging from painting, to music and literature.

Now we will discuss the bohemian hairstyle. This hairstyles usually used by women who have wavy hair type and length sizes. Most hair braided and tied on the head, so that such use headbands. This is the hallmark of this bohemian hairstyle. Along with the development of the fashion world, so many variations of this phenomenal hairstyle. For those of you who have short hair and the size of medium length, you can also use this bohemian hairstyle.

34 Photos of the Bohemian Hair Style

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